Transparent File Encryption SDK

EaseFilterTransparent File Encryption SDK provides you a comprehensive security solution to develop transparent file level encryption products, it allows you to encrypt the files on-the-fly, it can allow only authorized users or processes to access the encrypted files. Supported strong cryptographic algorithm Rijndael is a high security algorithm which was chosen by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), it can support key lengths 128-bits,192-bits and 256-bits. EaseFilter File System Mini Filter Driver SDK is a mature commercial product. It provides a complete modular framework for the developers even without the driver development experience to build the filter driver within a day. The SDK includes the modules from code design to the product installation, it includes all the basic features you need to build a filter driver.

Transparent File Encryption

By embedded the DRM policies to the encrypted file’s header, it allows you to implement the secure file sharing solution, you can control the shared file anywhere and anytime, it can help the organizations prevent data breaches caused by internal and external threats. It integrates DRM policy with leading enterprise and cloud applications to provide access control, data protection, and activity monitoring and reporting. By leveraging the digital rights management, encryption keys and access policies are stored in the remote central server, so your data is never at risk of being unlocked, stolen or misused, either by internal threats or external attacks. Your files remain control wherever you share them. Wherever your data is stored, on the cloud, on your laptop, on a USB drive, on a backup disk or on someone else’s computer, only you, and those you authorized, can view the contents of those files.

An Auto File Encryption Example

Using EaseFilter File Encryption SDK is simple with the APIs, here is a simple C# auto file encryption example implementing with EaseFilter File Encryption SDK as below, you can setup an encryption folder in computer A, configure the authorized processes, users who can read the encrypted file, and setup the decryption folder in computer B. You can copy the encrypted file in computer A to the decryption folder in computer B, you can authorize the processes which can read the encrypted files in the decryption folder.

Auto file encryption

Download EaseFilter Transparent Encryption Filter Driver SDK Setup File
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